Drive prescription compliance, control costs, and improve outcomes

Smart Digital Purchases as key to healthy behaviors:

  • Taking a single healthy behavior (flu shots)
  • Changing to a lower cost, clinically equivalent Rx
  • Changing to a lower cost, preferred pharmacy
  • Staying compliant with an Rx regimen (i.e. fill an Rx 6 times)
  • Incentivize OTC purchases
  • With real-time tracking of Rx fulfillment, additional purchase cards can be issued immediately, while consumer is still in pharmacy
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IQPay works with sponsor to define program parameters: what can be purchased, where, and when.


Sponsor identifies qualifying members. Sponsor (or IQPay on sponsor’s behalf) educates members on incentive program.


Member enrolls through an IQPay enrollment site and agrees to participate.


Cover My Meds monitors exchange for qualifying behavior by enrolled members.


Participating member takes the defined qualifying action. Cover My Meds sends notification and required details to IQPay via API.


IQPay sends member a program incentive card. IQPay reports compliance to sponsor. IQPay re-engages member per program requirements.


Track who transacted, where, and when.

Example Use Cases*

*Example use cases only. Not necessarily reflective of actual programs.

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