Case Study

Biometrics Screening

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IQPay provided a powerful new way to incentivize new customers and also reward brand loyalty.

Director, Client Delivery & Implementation
National Retail Biometrics Company

Rewarding Consumer Engagement

IQPay supports highly customizable digital purchasing cards to support any industry. In this case, a leading national consumer biometrics screening company used IQPay to incentive consumer utilization in real-time.

Biometrics Signup

Consumer uses biometrics station at national pharmacy and is offered an incentive to sign up for ongoing service.

Reward Issued

Within 5 minutes, consumer receives the cash reward via text message. Purchase card is filtered to purchase only the approved product or service.

Barcode Scanned

Consumer uses digital purchase card to pay for the specified item while still in the pharmacy.

Data Reported

Transaction data is available to plan sponsor within 24 hours.

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