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Meet the new Smart Digital Purchase card

Digital purchases meet people where they are: on their phones. Digital is instant. It’s efficient. It’s convenient. It can be filtered to specific products and services. Digital engages. Digital matches individuals with their transactions and behaviors.

IQPay is leading the way with Smart Digital Purchases unlike anything you’ve seen:

  • Integrated at over 30,000 retailer locations nationwide
  • Highly personalized
  • White-labeled to reinforce client’s brand
  • Sent via text or email
  • Intuitive, convenient, user-friendly UX
  • Restricted to specific products and services designated by the plan sponsor
  • Drives transactions within a specified timeframe
  • Ability to automate multi-step programs
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Ways of Issuing Smart Digital Purchase Cards



Customize the design and messaging


Send immediately to a phone

Letter with QR Code


Don’t have recipient’s email or phone? Send a letter enrollment link and capture their data.

QR Code

QR Code

Embed a QR code in communications, ads, and promotions


Compliance Activity

i.e. fill an Rx, instantly receive card for related consumer package goods



Promotional events drive purchases, and unlike coupons they’re 100% trackable


Give it a try!

Scan the QR code with your phone, and let us send you a Smart Digital Purchase card.

This example sends you a payment card for $5 toward a flu shot at CVS Pharmacy (for demonstration only).

Smart Digital Purchasing for Your Business

IQPay empowers businesses to issue turnkey, highly customizable digital purchase cards that engage populations into taking the actions envisioned by the sponsor.

  • Compliance Programs
  • Rewards & Incentives
  • Healthcare
  • Brand Campaigns
  • Food Security
  • Healthy Eating
  • Emergency Response
  • Consumer Direct Response
  • Charitable Giving
  • Workplace
  • P-Card Replacement
  • Transportation

The Market for Smart Digital Purchasing

Our 4,000+ clients range from Fortune 500 to SMBs. Our platform can be white labeled so your clients and consumers experience your brand when meeting their business goals with Smart Digital Purchases.

Delivering on the future of Smart Digital Purchases

Reach your consumer directly with your own custom Smart Digital Purchasing platform without the burden of integrating with third party wallets.

  • Directed spend control
  • Digital delivery via text or email
  • Drive engagement and compliance
  • Monitor utilization
  • Data and analytics
  • Cultivate loyalty and relationships


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